A Review of Various Baccarat Systems

Baccarat systems pop up like mushrooms, offering the best strategies for a win. Here is a short review of what they could do.

First, baccarat systems deal with a game of luck. We don't know exactly how systems and luck can meet or coincide, but that's what these baccarat systems would have us believe. Some even claim mathematical precision in their betting systems that would beat the house edge by so much percent. Yet, we cannot deny the fact that mathematics and luck are two very different subject matters dwelling on two different premises. Precision and fate seldom meet eye to eye.

Hence, with this notion of winning betting baccarat systems, the game drew more crowds for giving the impression that we can actually systematically beat this game with the right mathematical formula. Soon, the mathematical systems flourished and people were out trying all sorts of winning baccarat systems, with their scientific bet patterns and sequences. Soon, too, it became associated with intelligent gambling.

Baccarat is popular for the high wagering schemes that baccarat systems promote as bet progression systems. Players armed with these systems place exorbitant bets in the hope that system theories would work in the game and help them recoup mounting bet losses. Not long after the emergence of progressive betting, these baccarat systems were soon at war with flat betting systems, and many system "formulators" and "inventors" found this more profitable than wagering in the game itself.

Some baccarat systems require us to double our bets the more we lose rounds. Hence, per lose we bet double we placed previously. This is supposed to get us eventually in a better position. It really does work at times, but the play situation gets scary when the losing streaks appear. No matter how many losses, the baccarat system of betting says we have to keep increasing the bets. Somewhere along the play, we would recover everything with a single win. Quitting the theory at mid-play would prove disastrous.

We must be aware of table limits. Baccarat systems ought to inform potential users that table limits can easily upset any baccarat system tactic. With limits of, say, $200 or $500, a cold streak can easily render whatever "effective" baccarat system we have quite useless. Most baccarat systems need prolonged play to make its theories work.

Baccarat systems ought to be studied well before they are taken out for actual use in live table games. They are better tested first in free baccarat games.